Our Team

Enio Jaço

Executive Director

Enio Jaço is the Founder and Executive Director of CBS. He has more than 21 years of international and local experience in senior positions of Banking & Development. At CBS, he has been overseeing an Economic Growth portfolio of 21 projects and a combined budget of $7.8 Million, sinc ... more

Eljo Muçaj

Managing Director

Eljo Mucaj is a development expert in banking, financial consulting and business advisory services with 17 years of professional experience. His expertise includes financial advisory, banking products development, financial technology, project management, business development planning, sales de ... more

Liana Suleymanova

New Business Development Director

Liana Suleymanova offers extensive expertize in the Western Balkans' political and cultural developments, including history, democratization, tourism, public policy, civil society, corruption, human and minority rights, and EU integration. She joined CBS in 2015 and has provided highly speciali ... more

Suela Ruseti

Communications Manager

Suela Ruseti has a 19 years’ experience in communication and PR. Her professional skills include media relation management and coordinating as well as public relations. She started her career at the Albanian Public Television’s Information Department and later she worked for 5 year ... more

Alma Nathanaili

Project Manager

Alma Nathanaili is a management and project consultant with 13+ years of professional experience. Her expertise involves program development, project management, grant applications, digitalization consultancy, audit, review of internal control and financial systems, financial management and rep ... more

Fotjona Taçe

Head of Project Development and Implementation

Fotjona Taçe is a project management professional with over 12 years of work experience, with a special focus on economic development projects. Her experience involves project development, program management and supervising as well as reporting. Ms. Taçe joined the CBS team in 2 ... more

Enver Gorica

Business Coordinator in Korça Region

Enver Gorica has 28 years of experience in agribusiness field, banking, deep knowledge in agribusiness lending, monitoring process and client’s retention. Mr. Gorica currently works as a Business Coordinator for the Korca Region, and is responsible for managing the clients in the region b ... more

Klea Dhespo

Business Specialist, Korça

Klea Dhespo is part of CBS team since 2015 where she was initially selected as an internship member of Regional Office in Korca. She started to work at CBS as a Business Specialist to support the regional office of Korca in client’s consultation regarding national & international gran ... more

Alba Balla

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Alba Balla joined CBS team in 2018 as Monitoring and Evaluation specialist for CBS projects. She supports CBS with periodic program performance reports based on data collection, analysis of project activities, development of qualitative and quantitative indicators, including communications, pre ... more

Alban Duka

New Product Developer

Alban Duka is the New Product Developer at CBS. He comes with an international expertise at the intersection of finance and innovation. In his role, Mr. Duka is responsible for conceptualizing CBS’s new digital products, liaising the company with the local innovation ecosystem and investi ... more

Alketa Haklaj

Social Media Specialist

Alketa Haklaj is a young communication specialist. She started her career at CBS in April 2019 as a Social Media Specialist in IntoAlbania Project. Ms. Haklaj is responsible for managing and optimizing IntoAlbania’s social media pages to increase the visibility of IntoAlbania’s soci ... more

Blerina Toslluku

Marketing Coordinator

Blerina Toslluku is a journalist with 13 years of experience in the field of Communication, PR and Marketing. Mrs. Toslluku is Marketing Coordinator at Creative Business Solutions (CBS). Her main tasks are overseeing the content of the AgroWeb.org, a Healthy Living Portal, preparing information ... more

Dina Dajko

Online Journalist

Dina Dajko started her career at CBS as an Online Journalist for AgroWeb.org in 2018. After a successful collaboration she was recruited to be part of the organization as a Content Developer for the Marketing and Communication Department. Ms. Dajko is responsible for creating the articles and v ... more

Ana Brahaj

Online Journalist

Ana Brahaj started her career at CBS as an intern in Online Journalism in 2019. After a successful collaboration, she joined the CBS team as part of Marketing and Communication Department. Ms.Brahaj provides articles and various contents for the online news platform AgroWeb.org. Ana Brahaj has ... more

Eni Kocillari

Program Coordinator

Eni Kocillari joined CBS staff after successfully completing her professional internship in "project support and development" in July 2018. Currently Eni holds the role of Program Coordinator, working closely with the Executive Director. She assists with coordination and streamlining ... more

Ela Muka

Finance Specialist

Ela Muka is a Finance Specialist with 3 years experience in accounting, financial reporting and tax advisory. She was graduated in 2014 in University of Tirana in Finance and since 2017 holds a Master Degree in Finance. Ms.Muka also holds a certificate from the Institute of Certified Tax Expert ... more

Ergent Pire

Business Advisor

Ergent Pire is a business consultant with strong research & consultancy expertise on agribusiness development. He has many years of experience in business planning, agriculture lending strategies, access to finance services, and agriculture development studies. Mr. Pire is a Business Adviso ... more

Katerina Hatija

HR & Administration Specialist

Katerina joined CBS team after successfully completing the Internship Program in 2018. Currently, Katerina holds the position of HR & Administration Specialist. Ms. Hatija works closely with the HR & Administration Manager to monitor the implementation of HR policies and procedures with ... more

Jora Vaso

Content Developer

Jora Vaso is a researcher and expert in digital, tourism and marketing content. A multi-disciplinary professional with vast international experience, Ms. Vaso is a content creator whose expertise includes journalistic, academic, business and travel writing, copywriting and multilingual translat ... more

Emirjon Shehu

Administration Specialist

Emirjon Shehu joined CBS team in 2016 and currently holds the role of Administration Specialist, working closely with HR & Administration Manager as well as with Executive Director. He is repsonsible for planning and managing company’s logistics and assisting in daily administrative o ... more