Access to Capital for SMEs

CBS assists SMEs by facilitating lending from the banking sector and grants or alternative financing from financial schemes available. CBS first accesses the agribusiness needs by determining the most appropriate financing vehicle matching the need with the best financial offer available.

For clients seeking Loans from the banking sector, services range from; a) Basic which includes advice and support with loan application to b) Advanced including Business plan, Market study and financial statements. Similarly, agribusiness clients seeking alternative financing such as EU-IPARD-like grants for instance are served two IPARD package services: Basic which includes client guidance and interpretation of current IPARD qualification criteria and Advanced including Business Plan, completed Application, documentation support and other support necessary for a successful grant.


  • Credit facilitation and loan support
  • IPARD grants application support
  • Business Planning and Investment analysis
  • Financial statements and planning
  • Market analysis and technical advisory
  • National Subsidy Scheme support
  • Grants and Alternative forms of Capital for SMEs

To assist SME’s managing their business professionally, CBS offers two services: 1) Business Management Solutions and 2) Business Growth Solutions. Business Management Solutions provide day-to-day or periodic services to support business operations. They include support with administrative-legal processes including business registration or receiving professional licenses and financial support services. 

Business Growth Solutions include services designed to accelerate company’s growth. They include market studies, customer targeting, product development, access to finance, entrance in new markets and full business plans.


  • Investment planning and technological support
  • Competitor analysis and market advisory
  • Agriculture Value chain support for agribusinesses
  • Product standards, ISO, EU and NA markets
  • Association and cooperative establishment
  • Agriculture-based clean energy solutions