AgroCapital ranked second best-known financing support program in Albania

A panel including EU, Min of Agriculture, FIAA and ASC Union presenting the survey findin

July 15, 2014 - A new agriculture survey published on Monday, July 14th, commissioned by EU and implemented by FIAA (The Foreign Investors Association in Albania) places AgroCapital as #2 best financial support provider in Albania just behind the National Agency ARDA (Agricultural and Rural Development Agency). The result is significant as it demonstrates the effectiveness of impact and the outreach that the project has achieved in relatively a short time, 9 months’s project timeline. So far AgroCapital has supported a total financing of $2.9 Million and assisted – at different levels - over a thousand farmers and agribusinesses with much more in the process.

The study “Albanian agriculture seen from the everyday farming: a survey on Albanian farmers and EU exports” is published in the framework of the EU Relay Information for Businesses in Albania by FIAA and ASC Union. The survey included 1,000 farmers from 16 cities and one of the main conclusions was the insufficient access to capital by the Albanian farmers and the lack of information about the agriculture grant procedures. According the survey, 25% of the farmers expect EU support for agriculture grants and 18% of them need assistance to create agro collection centers. 13% of the farmers have already benefited from agriculture grants, 84% of the interviewer’s use banking loans for their business growth.

At the presentation meeting of the survey on Monday, July 14th the Charge D’Affaires of EU Delegation to Albania, Mr. Clive RUMBOLD stressed the necessity of the consultancy services for farmers and agribusinesses to increase competitiveness, product quality and standards through access to capital.