Two agribusiness clients assisted through AgroCapital, signed national grant contracts for a combined value of 282 Million Lek√ę

The Government official webpage posted a picture of Mr. Kujtim Lika after Prime Minister Edi Rama gave him the grant contract

September 4, 2014 - Agriculture and Rural Development Agency (ARDA) has signed grant-contracts with two of the agribusinesses supported by CBS through AgroCapital project. The two agribusinesses were assisted by CBS SME’s team with grant applications for National Subsidy Scheme 20 that covers 50 % of the client’s investments (limited to 15,000,000 ALL).

Vasel Muçaj from Bajza, Malsi e Madhe signed the contract for a grant that will cover part of the total amoun of his investment in medicinal herbs collection store. Mr. Lika signed for a grant that will cover his investment in an agro-collection center aiming to create 40 new jobs. Prime Minister Edi Rama personally gave the grant-contract to Mr. Muçaj as well as to Mr. Lika during a meeting with farmers in Lushnja.

Previously, since the beginning of AgroCapital’s project, both Mr. Muçaj and Mr. Lika have been successfully assisted by CBS Team with bank financing for their business growth.