Upcoming IPARD-like call, CBS instructs farmers from Xarre on how to succeed in their grant applications

Farmers from Xarre received their new tractors, partly financed by IPARD-Like 2014 funds

January 22, 2015 - In the verge of the fourth call for the IPARD-like fund for farmers and agro-processors, expected to launch the within first quarter of the year, CBS’s SME team scheduled a meeting with potential agribusinesses from the Commune of Xarre, aiming to inform them about this year’s opportunities and challenges. CBS experts presented local farmers and agribusinesses with opportunities and facilities offered by AgroCapital Project to help them access financing. There are many opportunities this year, as the European Union has forecast a € 9 million grant fund to support Albanian agriculture during 2015.

2014 was a successful year for the development of agriculture in this small commune, as 11 farmers assisted by CBS experts obtained grants and loans for investments in new agro-machineries. These additions to their farms and businesses were crucial to the improvement of working conditions, boosting of production and amelioration of yield’s quality. During their on-site work with Xarre farmers, in 2014, CBS experts recognized unexploited potentials of this region for further growth and development. Farmers also expressed interest for additional assistance with grant and loan applications for other investments they need to develop their farms and agribusinesses. 

Nowadays Albanian farmers are faced with a dynamic and demanding market, which requires high standards and strict production guidelines. Investments are crucial for them, to continuously keep the pace of the highly selective market and consumer demands. And more importantly, the assistance of field experts would help farmers be successful in their applications and also increase the effective absorption of the EU funds.