CBS offers technical and financial consulting for the German-Danish grants fund

CBS’s product is tailored to SARED program and will provide financial and technical support to grant applicants

April 30, 2015 - CBS continues its counselling services to farmers and agribusiness aiming to increase grant absorption for their investments. CBS is placing new priority into the recently launched Danish-German Grant program. The program called “Support for Agriculture and Rural Development in Disadvantaged Areas in Albania” (SARED) will provide up to 6.5 million Euro in grants for Albanian farmers and agro processors from six districts, Shkodra, Kukes, Dibra, Korca, Elbasan and Berat.

CBS completed an ‘Access to Finance’ product-service package to assist farmers with grant applications from the German-Danish grant program SARED. The tailored product-service package offers a low-cost technical and financial consulting service to qualified farmers and agribusinesses. Investments of up to €10,000 for farmers and €35,000 for agro-processors in rural disadvantaged areas are qualified for the grant program.