News - Exlclusive interviews with Candidates for Mayer of Tirana on agriculture and environment programs

For the first time, candidates for the Greater Tirana Municipality exclusively present for agroweb their program for the environment.

Vision on Agriculture 
In a rare public display, three main candidates for the Greater Tirana Municipality exclusively presented their vision of agriculture development for, a USAID supported portal implemented by CBS. Candidates were given equal opportunity to present their vision through a 400-word summary. Agriculture is becoming significantly important to new municipalities as the territorial reform redefines urban-rural borders. 

Vision on Environment 

After agreeing to publish their agriculture programs in a rare single article in agroweb, the main candidates for Tirana’s Mayer agreed to do the same for the Environment. Tirana is considered one of the most polluted cities in Europe. The article which started with a series of teasers and visuals in facebook attracted a wide audience and a healthy debate from experts and groups of interest. Agroweb expects to return to the same theme within 1 year for another debate on how the actual policies have been implemented.