AgroCapital extends its support to milk processing agribusiness in Shkoder

CBS Business Advisor, Fatmir Nikolli working with Fabian Demi on SARED application procedures, in Shkodra.

July 23, 2015 - Mr. Fabian Demi, a farmer from northern Albania, whose main activity is raising cattle for milk, signed a grant contract from SARED program to cover part of his latest investment. CBS provided technical investment assistance and grant application support to the client. The investment which renovate client’s milk processing facility via new machineries and cold storage, leading to increased food security.

CBS experts will provide much follow-up support to the client, such as a loan application through LORES – the Professional Loan Referring System, and other grant applications with the Payment Agency, AZHBR.

While successful, the type of investment is rare and expected to become a role model in the region.