50 Agribusinesses Received ISO 22000 Certification Training

Farmers and Agribusinesses in Lushnja received ISO 22000 Certification, an important quality management system for agro processors

October 2015 - A three day seminar by CBS and regional experts, aiming to train selected farmers and experts with ISO 2200 certification was organized in the framework of ‘Support Key Agriculture Standards and Certifications’ a Regional B-REDI program.

The training seminars held in Lushnja and Korça appealed the interest of more than 50 farmers and agro-processors operating in agro-processing, olive oil industry and cold storages. A round table seminar followed in Tirana with the certification bodies’ representatives, focused on increasing capacities on ISO certification systems.

The seminars were led by Stojadin Stojanovic, ISO certification expert from Macedonia.

Certification bodies’ representatives and Experts at the Round table seminar in Tirana