CBS launches AGIS, the innovative platform to boost financing and employment in agriculture

The innovative and professional AGIS platform was presented by Creative Business Solutions CBS during a high-level event in Tirana. Photo: Ina Kosta


A new unique, necessary and innovative system was launched on November 22, 2016. The AGIS system which represents the most reliable and all inclusive platform of statistics and agricultural data in Albania, provides a crucial mechanism for the growth and development of businesses in agriculture and beyond.

The innovative and professional AGIS platform, is the first of its kind in Albania was presented by Creative Business Solutions (CBS) during a round-table Event in Tirana.

“This is an excellent initiative,” Minister of Agriculture Edmond Panariti said in his remarks on the new Agriculture Information and Intelligence System, AGIS. “Data is often contradictory. Lack of information can cause uncertainties in all of the chains of the sector. AGIS is a unique system that will represent a point of reference for farmers, a setting for all contracts of sale and purchase, will increase financing in the sector through information and will impede speculation,” Panariti declared.

“We are undertaking a true revolution in the field of agricultural statistics. This platform will act as a potential 'Commodity Market' of products of agriculture, where prices will be determined in a preliminary organized auction, attended by producers, buyers and exporters,” Panariti added. According to Minister Panariti, all agricultural based information and statistics that can be found in the platform, “represent a starting point for every investment in the field of agriculture.” “By acting as a dynamic as dynamic data portal, AGIS will soon be transformed into a crucial pillar for agriculture,” he added.

‘I am very happy that AGIS will be useful to me to measure the achievements, work and vision of this sector,” Minister of Agriculture concluded.  

In his remarks, Ambassador of Switzerland, Christoph Graf highlighted the necessity of financing Small and Medium Enterprises and the sector of agriculture through innovative platforms such as AGIS which delivers accurate and whole information on agriculture, as well as detailed figures on production, commerce and finance targeting a boost in lending to Albanian SMEs.

“Agriculture has huge potential. It employs 50% of population and provides a significant contribution to the country’s GDP,” Ambassador Graf said. According to him, financing in the sector of agriculture is a priority and “the platform will represent a good beginning to encourage the further development of agriculture.”

“This system through its accurate and well-preserved data will sort out all supply chains of the sector. AGIS comes at the right time to foster financing as well as employment among young people, an issue we strongly support,” Ambassador Graf added.

Mr. Enio Jaço, Executive Director of Creative Business Solutions (CBS) welcomed the participation and support of Minister of Agriculture Edmond Panariti and Ambassador of Switzerland Christoph Graf for the establishment of this important hub and underlined that “AGIS will be a sustainable platform which will act as a unique system which collects all official data and records related to Albania’s agriculture.” “AGIS will be transformed into a single data hub aggregating all official agriculture information and will boost lending for SME’s in general and facilitate credit analysis by business providers, financiers and market analysts” he declared.

Ms. Edlira Muedini. RiSiAlbania Project Manager highlighted that AGIS will definitely be a dynamic platform. “RiSiAlbania has always supported employment among young people and by encouraging development in agriculture, this platform will serve to employment in this sector,” she explained.

“Access to financing is a necessity for farmers. We are trying to reduce costs and increase efficiency in BIO certification as well as foster the medicinal plants sector” Muedini concluded.

Representatives of main second tier banks in Albania, praised AGIS as a platform with the highest standards that will come to aid of delivering a better bank decision making and facilitating bank lending to businesses in agriculture.

Bank experts said that the hub is fully functional and will reduce the time required by banks to get the necessary information required in the process of lending to businesses in agriculture, hence expanding their agro loan portfolio. The platform was presented by Creative Business Solutions (CBS) in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland and its project RisiAlbania.

Participants in the event described AGIS as a green light for financing the business of agriculture lit at the right time.

AGIS values and qualities

AGIS is a professional e-platform and comprehensive data source of Albanian Agriculture for banking industry professionals, business consultants, agricultural experts, researchers and business providers. Its features include:

- Comprehensive statistical information on over 75 farm level agricultural and food products.

- Official data on agro-processing industry including statistics on agro-processors by activity type, regions, employment in the industry and production levels for over 170 products.

- Import and export trading statistics for more than 100 agricultural and agro-processing products.

- Production Cycle for 24 Agricultural Products and detailed calendar of activities from pre-production to harvest & trading, including production costs and future cash flows.

- A comprehensive outlook of official statistics and data trends on business lending activity from the Albanian banking sector.

- General information on Agro Value-chain, EU-28 Benchmarks, Alternative Financing, Real Estate Market Reference Prices and Agribusinesses Licensing Requirements.

Official statistical data are provided by institutionalized partners including Ministry of Agriculture, INSTAT, Bank of Albania. Data and information is regularly maintained and frequently updated.