Four-language audio-guide system for the Onufri Iconographic Museum

Interiors of Cathedral of Dormition of Saint Mary

The National Iconic Museum "Onufri" can soon be visited through the audio guide system!

Tourists will have the opportunity to discover the museum and its masterpieces, following the pace that suits them, through the Albanian, Italian, English and German languages. The guides cover the history of 40 marvelous selected artifacts.

As soon as the narrative conveys the most interesting information about the museum and its masterpieces, gentle sound effects studied and chosen with care by experts will accompany the
visitors and shall swiftly absorb them into many centuries ago, on the Onufri and many other distinguished iconographers’ period.

Dormant Treasures Exhibition Room (Second Floor)

This innovation has been accomplished in the framework of the IntoAlbania project, implemented by USAID's partner, Creative Business Solutions. Through one of its key components, IntoAlbania offers modern digital technology and contemporary solutions to key National Museums.

The first digitization project was successfully completed with the close cooperation of the "Onufri" Museum. The finalization of the intervention was carried out through effective cooperation with the well-known French company Orpheo (Orpheus), specialized in digitization of museum services and A.A FILM Company in Tirana. Considered as a frankly new system for the Albanian museum culture, this intervention is expected to bring totally new experience to many tourists.