CBS embraces Digitalization for Innovation at the EBRD International Conference in Egypt

Photo credit- EBRD

Smart digital solutions unlock a wave of new opportunities and innovation in a rapidly digitalized environment. CBS is a pioneer in developing digital innovative financial systems facilitating marketplace operations in lending, trade and exports.

From left to right, Ms. Liana Suleymanova, New Business Development Director and Mr. Enio Jaco, Executive Director during one plenary session. Photo credit- EBRD

While developing its digital portfolio, Creative Business Solutions participates in the second international conference on ‘Digitalization: Opportunities for Innovation in Consultancy’ organized by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Cairo, Egypt.

A diverse panel represented by key speakers from Ludic Group, Social Media Alive, IMD, PwC, provided leads to global digitalization market. From digitally selling consulting services, to early stage advising and innovative companies approached the opportunity to explore and exploit digitalization as one of the megatrends driving economic and social change.

The Conference offered a combination of experience with innovation to take the consulting business further ahead. Photo credit- EBRD

More than 200 participants from 31 countries joined the conference to discuss digital and innovation strategy development, providing insights in shaping their companies digital future. Over the course of two days, the conference featured around 11 plenary and breakout sessions analyzing the consulting industry in the context and era of digital revolution.