CBS Expands its Consulting Services - New Solutions to Future Challenges

The company has undertaken strategic steps to improve services and provide new solutions for businesses by bringing innovation and digital services to adapt to new challenges of the future.

Creative Business Solutions (CBS) has expanded and adapted its services by offering solutions that respond to the new normality created by the Covid 19 pandemic.

After seven years of experience in implementing successful projects that integrate and develop businesses, the company changed its philosophy. In January 2021, CBS embarked on a transformation process in delivering sustainable solutions directly to businesses. The change focuses on the provision of new Consulting services including increased Access to Finance and the advancement of Technology, Innovation and Digitalization over strategic development sectors; Agriculture, Banking System, Financial Institutions and Tourism.

CBS’ CEO, Enio Jaço sees the reorientation of the company as a new process in support of businesses to adapt to the dynamics caused by Covid-19, emphasizing the services that CBS already offers to the new generation of entrepreneurs focused on innovation, technology and digitalization.

"This will be a year of transition in adapting companies to the changing trend of doing business. First, following these trends but also the internal developments of the company, the transformation process positions CBS's role towards the challenges of the future.
Secondly, through this adaptation, our existing and new services help customers, small and medium enterprises, as well as financial institutions and other business sectors to increase performance through new opportunities." says Enio Jaço.

The reorganization of Creative Business Solutions envisages the extension of services to the countries of the Western Balkans, starting with Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, with the prospect of further expansion in the region.

CBS Network Expansion and Team Coordination

The transition phase brought changes and a new structure of CBS’ human resources. During the process, the CBS team underwent both professional training and ongoing communications on consultancy consolidation and the new way of delivering services.

In support of the process, the company has set up a new active unit which is holding field meetings as well as ongoing communication with businesses in strategic sectors. The new network of this structure consists of 10 field service agents, 20 external experts from the financial sector and alliances from third parties.

The company has entered into partnerships with international companies with experience in technology services, digitalization and financial consulting.


About CBS and its Impact

CBS, Creative Business Solutions was established in 2012 as a busines consulting organization to provide advice and solutions to local businesses, organizations, donors and Financial Institutions. CBS has successfully implemented 18 large projects with a combined $7.8 million budget with multiple international donors in Agriculture, Finance, SME development as well as Tourism. The company facilitated a total of $88million in financing for over 400 albanian SME’s, generating a total of $56.6 million in investments, $43.3 million in new revenues and 2472 new jobs through project impementations.