Our Team

Inesa Muraj

HR & Administration Manager

Ms. Inesa Muraj joined CBS team in 2014 and she currently works in the position of HR & Administration Manger. Ms. Muraj provides management direction and strategic counseling on human resources activities, serving as a link between the organization's management and employees. Ms. Muraj possess financial analyses skills, strong interpersonal and customer skills and management of administrative procedures. She started her career as part of the “New Bankers” program at ProCredit bank, involved in combined work and practice financial projects in the main bank profiles. She extended her experience working as Small Business Adviser at the same bank. Ms. Muraj has been in charge of managing clients' portfolio and identifying new potential clients, monitoring client bank products and business financial analyzing through advanced programs. Ms. Muraj graduated in Economy and Agro Policy at the Agriculture University of Tirana and holds a Master Degree from the same University.