Our Team

Klea Dhespo

Business Specialist, Kor├ža

Klea Dhespo is part of CBS team since 2015 where she was initially selected as an internship member of Regional Office in Korca. She started to work at CBS as a Business Specialist to support the regional office of Korca in client’s consultation regarding national & international grant schemes applications, preparation of business plans and all the supporting documents to finalize the application. Mrs. Dhespo has about five years of experience in this position, she is able to well identify customer’s needs and to help them finding the best alternatives to benefit from differents grants.
Klea Dhespo holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Faculty of Economics in Tirana. She was enrolled in various involving financial operations. During her studies she earned a lot of skills and qualification in regards to drafting financial statements and on tax systems as well.
During the time as an employee of CBS she has participated in many meetings and trainings related to agriculture like: cultivation, harvesting, agricultural practices in mechanics, fruit storage systems and anti-hail systems. ( In most of these trainings she has received the participation certificates)