Our Team

Liana Suleymanova

New Business Development Director

Liana Suleymanova offers extensive expertize in the Western Balkans' political and cultural developments, including history, democratization, tourism, public policy, civil society, corruption, human and minority rights, and EU integration. She joined CBS in 2015 and has provided highly specialized consulting services for key projects in the fields of agriculture, tourism, cultural heritage, access to finance, digital technology, sustainable economic development, new projects and development of products. Currently, Ms. Suleymanova holds the "New Business Development Director" position and is responsible for the maximization of business-to-business opportunities, including the absorption of new projects, development of innovative products and the expansion of the operations to the new markets.
Ms. Suleymanova has a double-major Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies, International Relations and History from the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG), a Master’s Degree in Central European History from the Central European University in Budapest (CEU) and a Masters of Advanced International Studies from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (DA). Ms. Suleymanova is currently a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary International Studies at the University of Vienna.