Our Team

Albi Saraci

Business Analyst

Albi Saraci hold the position as Business Analyst for IntoAlbania project at CBS. The main aspects of his job are creation of new digital solutions, new strategies for developments of new ideas on actual products, maintanance and management of third parties for new developments on IntoAlbania Platform. Mr. Saraci has made a great contribution to Intoalbania Web Platform and Mobile application during the design and development phase.
Mr. Saraci is graduated in Finance at Univerity of New York in Tirana and has joined CBS in 2016 after the sucsessfull completion of CBS Internship Programme. He has been involved and engaged in different projects in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and the development of new technological products. Mr. Albi offers extensive expertise on technological products and the implementation of technological solutions in various industries. He stands out for his communication skills, creativity and input in the development of new products.