Our Team

Ergent Pire

Business Advisor

Ergent Pire is a business consultant with strong research & consultancy expertise on agribusiness development. He has many years of experience in business planning, agriculture lending strategies, access to finance services, and agriculture development studies. Mr. Pire is a Business Advisor at CBS, responsible for developing, retaining and expanding the portfolio of agribusiness clients. He delivers technical support to agribusinesses on new technologies, business development plans, and raising capital through traditional and alternative channels. Since joining CBS in 2016, Mr. Pire has been involved in many projects in the fields of agriculture.

Earlier, Mr. Pire has previously worked as a research and finance assistant at DSA when he contributed in the development of several value chain studies, and preparation of the Inter-sectorial Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development 2014-2020. In a short term engagement with ADAD a producer’s organization, he contributed in writing and implementation of two agriculture development projects. Mr. Pire has been involved in many research and development projects of local and international donors. He holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Finance and Accounting from the Agricultural University of Tirana.