Our Team

Inesa Sulaj

Tourism & Cultural Heritage Specialist

Inesa joined the CBS team in 2017 and she is part of the tourism project "IntoAlbania", and is responsible for providing technical expertise and skills with a focus on cultural heritage and tourism development while assisting the team and external experts in the implementation of museums digital technologies and is responsible for development of authentic guesthouses.
Additionally, Ms. Sulaj supports projects design by offering her highly specialized expertise in the assessment of the development potential of tourism and cultural heritage. Ms. Sulaj is highly engaged in volunteer work in the field of cultural heritage including through her involvement as a Deputy Office Manager at "European Association for Heritage Interpretation". Since the beginning of her studies, she has attended several trainings and workshops in Europe and USA, in museum studies, intangible heritage, and conservation of artifacts and interpretation of cultural heritage. Mrs. Sulaj graduated with a Bachelor degree in "Archeology and Management of Cultural Heritage" from Faculty of History and Philology at the University of Tirana, Albania and is graduated recently in a Master program in “Urban Design and Landscape” at Polis University in Tirana, Albania.