Digital Marketing Services for SMEs

One of the biggest growth challenges for businesses in Albania is improper use of Marketing as a primary tool in product placement. Small firms do not use marketing at all, while larger agribusinesses invest into expensive but often ineffective campaigns. CBS offers a comprehensive marketing strategy for SMEs.The essential service is the Strategic Marketing Plan which is tailored to a specific company. The plan is based on a comprehensive analysis of the Technical Product of the firm and the marketing opportunities on the brand side. The plan produces solutions for product improvements, including technical and international standards, customer needs and targeting and product distribution. The plan includes solutions how to expand the product appeal including a brand identity, new market linkages and promotional campaigns including on-line and social media marketing.

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Product Technical Analysis and promotion
  • Brand identity development and promotions
  • New market linkages and analysis
  • Online advertising
  • Dedicated articles both in English and Albanian
  • Dedicated posts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Facebook and Instagram profile management