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Start your career with CBS internship program

For students looking to start a career in economic, agriculture, finance and media related fields, CBS Creative Business Solution invites you in “CBS Internship Program”. Build you professional experience through liberty to choose and personal initiative because CBS trust on great student’s potential.

Who is eligible?

CBS offer the opportunity with topical focuses students that are at the end of undergraduate or master studies, within or outside the county in which prevails the passion, dynamism and sharpness. All students, who will win the right to be part of this program, through a transparent competition and professional selection process, will get the opportunity to obtain practical work experience, pushing forward the talent and develop further professional skills, through serious involvement in development projects.

What is your benefit?

If you are looking for a unique experience, CBS Internship Program (CIP) is the right place offering the possibility for deepens knowledge through a serious internship. Students who will be part of this program will gain a valuable experience through being part of the team, giving real contribution to finalized projects. CBS’s experts are professionals with long experience in banking system and agribusiness. They have all the commitment to share their experience and professionalism with students who have the potential to become the future leaders in banking, finance and accounting, agriculture financing and communication and marketing.

What will be you role?

CBS Internship Program (CIP) aims to invite students to give their contribution in various aspects of the work, with new and creative ideas to fruition the main areas of project through applying personal knowledge gained during undergraduate or ongoing master studies. Throughout their practice, students will have the great possibility to work into dynamic areas and take part on research projects, design of analytic reports, research studies, application of new systems and technologies, presentations and on-line information management.

What is the application period?

Internship program will prolong three to six months in different periods of the year depending on available pozitions. CBS offers a limit number of positions for interns, who are subject of meeting the eligibility criteria to give their contribution into the following project areas: a) SME Development & Technical Assistance b) Consulting services to banks and FI’s c) Finance and Operations Services d) Communication and Marketing. Students will work under the supervision, advice, and guidance of respective department manager and with support of all CBS team as well.