What’s CBS profile?

CBS Creative Business Solutions, is a business consulting non-for profit organization based in Tirana, Albania that provides consultancy and implement solutions for local entrepreneurs, organizations, donors and financial institutions. Our mission is accelerating economic development sectors and segments in need by producing real solutions for the client with the highest professional standards and measurable benefits.

What does CBS stands for?

CBS means Creative Business Solutions. This mission is emphasized as our logo as essential expression of our commitment to being creative in every service to business, offering concrete and dedicated solutions for development.

What makes CBS different from other consulting companies?

Differently from other NGOs, the CBS team consists of professional bankers who are currently working on CBS projects. Our experts have a combined 40+ years of experience working in collaboration with major companies, banks and financial institutions, organizations, private SME's, marketing companies and large donor organizations. 7 out of 12 CBS consultants have previously worked in commercial banks, while others are experts in agribusiness financing. This makes banks and agribusinesses find common grounds in CBS.  

Do CBS finance business or agribusiness?

CBS do not finance businesses and agribusinesses. We support and facilitate access to capital for business and agribusiness. In partnership with international development agencies, CBS implements long-term programs with high and measurable impact. Through these projects we offer assistance and consultancy to businesses for business planning, commercial management, credit facilitation and loan support. We give consultancy to banks and financial institutions in products development and portfolio advisory, agriculture finance and leasing, micro and SME lending, scoring systems and models.

Who are the main partners CBS works with?

CBS partners with U.S. Agency for International Development USAID in implementation of AgroCapital, a $1.5 Mill and 3-year intervention program. Other development agencies that CBS works with are
German Society for International Cooperation GIZ, Risi Albania and Cooperazione Italiana Albania. Among Financial Institutions that CBS works directly are: ProCredit Bank, Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT), Intesa SanPaolo Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Credins Bank, NOA and Albanian Savings and Credit Union. CBS provides on-going technical assistance to a number of growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) primarily in Agriculture sector.

What for CBS’s partners with USAID?

CBS earned the right to implement AgroCapital, a 3 year project funded by USAID. Implementation of the project started in September 2013 by the CBS team. AgroCapital is an agribusiness program generating economic growth for the agriculture sector through access to capital and strengthening of agribusiness entrepreneurship ability.

Which is AgroCapital impact?

The program will provide significant economic impact by facilitating a Financing of $14.8 million and growing Investments by $18.5 million. Agribusinesses supported by the program will grow their Sales by $28 million and the activities will generate 1,150 new jobs. This impact will be achieved through working simultaneously with banks as well as agribusinesses.

What does CBS offers to Agribusiness?

CBS assists agribusinesses by facilitating lending from the banking sector and grants or alternative financing from financial schemes available. For clients seeking Loans from the banking sector, services include advice and support with loan application, business plan, market study and financial statements. Clients seeking alternative financing such as EU-IPARD grants are served two IPARD package services: Basic which includes client guidance and interpretation of current IPARD qualification criteria and Advanced including Business Plan, completed Application, documentation support and other support necessary for a successful grant.

What does CBS offers to Financial Institutions?

Services to Financial Institutions start with analysis of existing products and end with technical solutions to achieve company’s goals. Technical Assistance about new products is combined with support how to organize internal structures, customer target groups and promotion methods. CBS refers SME clients qualified for loans to several banks through a loan referral system. Participating banks use the system to benefit from the new loan and track the efficiency approval/referral process. Score Card models are adopted for individual banks to increase the speed and accuracy of credit decision-making. Technological Cards, info-driven, industry-specific tools are used to improve lending decisions and mitigate risk by CBS clients.

How does my business qualify to benefit from CBS services?

CBS provides services to farmers, agro-processors up to large agribusinesses that aim enhancing and increasing their activity. CBS first accesses the agribusiness needs, ambition and capacity by determining the most appropriate financing vehicle matching the need with the best financial offer available. CBS aims increasing the capacity of businesses and agribusinesses in the absorption of capital and other funds from donors.