Support to Food Safety, Veterinary, and Phytosanitary Standards, Albania

Support to Food Safety, Veterinary, and Phytosanitary Standards, Albania

Financed by: European Union
Action Coordinator: Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)
Co-Beneficiaries: Department (Ministry) of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland
Finnish Food Authority
Creative Business Solutions (CBS), Albania.
Contract Start Date: 14 January 2019
Implementation Period: 48 months

Project Budget: Euro 5 million

From left to right – Mr David Butler, Director Sustainable Food Systems Ireland, Juha Pyykkö, Ambassador of Finland to Albania (non-resident), Samuli Virtanen, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Bledi Çuçi, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Albania, Luigi Soreca, EU Ambassador to Albania, Helen McEntee, Minister of State for European Affairs of Ireland, Pamela Byrne, CEO of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Orla O’Hanrahan, Ambassador to Albania (non- resident).

Overall Objective

‘To establish institutional and administrative capacities in line with the overall public administration reform agenda to ensure improved protection of human, animal and plant health, support agri-food industry competitiveness, enhance environmental protection and facilitate progress towards EU accession.’

Specific Objective

‘Safer and higher quality food is available in the marketplace through implementation of strengthened food safety, veterinary health and phytosanitary standards, based on legislative alignment with the EU acquis, effective regulation, risk analysis, greater engagement with producers, consumers & food business operators, delivered through an appropriately structured, resourced and high-performing administration system.'

Result 1: Organisational and human resource capacities strengthened

‘An appropriately structured, resourced and organised administrative system with increased capacity to adopt, integrate and implement the EU acquis and standards in the food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary fields is established.'

Result 2: Public awareness and communication regarding food safety is enhanced

‘Producers, consumers and food business operators demonstrate higher levels of knowledge and awareness with regard to food safety & quality, are more proactively engaged with policy-makers and have a better understanding of food law, their rights, roles and responsibilities.’

Result 3: Acquis adoption and policy implementation capacity is strengthened

‘EU acquis and standards-related policy measures are designed and efficiently implemented and monitored based on evidence-based policy formulation and strengthened consultation with stakeholders and civil society’.

Launch Event “Support to food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary standards” project

Mr. Michael Parker, EU Team Leader,
Str. Mustafa Matohiti, No 4, III Floor, Tirana, Albania.
Phone no: +355 4 4536891

This project is funded by the European Union and is implemented by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in partnership with the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine, the Finnish Food Authority and Creative Business Solutions (CBS), Albania.